Diary Of A Baby Boomer

By John Albert Buch
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Diary of a Baby Boomer


About the Book

Diary of a Baby Boomer follows the extraordinary life of ordinary man John Albert Buchness. Buchness chronicles his journey from childhood to adulthood through the series of cities he has called home throughout his life. Living between the United States and Europe, his fascinating tale is filled with adventure, romance, heartbreak, partying, art, and music. Ending with a series of poems from reflections throughout his life, Buchness provides an insightful look at life and what we can make of it.

About the Author

John Albert Buchness graduated from UC Berkely in June 1970 and is a retired secondary school teacher. He currently resides in Eden, MD, on a small, non-working farm with his wife and twenty-four-year-old son. He enjoys caring for his farmland’s acreage and his wife’s garden. Additionally, Buchness plays classical guitar for St. Francis’s Roman Catholic Church on Sundays and provides concerts to the residents of Eden. He currently provides at-home concerts on YouTube due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which can be found at the stfrancis.org. At home, he enjoys giving guitar lessons and writing.

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