Developing Values, Dealing With Issues

By Dr. Michael J. Bernard
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The book was created from lessons taught to eighth graders in middle school in a Religious Education Program. Thirteen and fourteen-year-old adolescents are on the threshold of responsibility and maturity and need to understand what it takes to have a successful, fulfilling, and happy life. This book uses Biblical teachings and the author's life experiences, along with other inspirational resources, to teach young people the principles of a rewarding life. The author’s hope is that parents, schools, and religious organizations can use this book to teach the most important values to children and give them insight on how to deal with future life experiences.

About the Author

Dr. Michael J. Bernard was raised in Cleveland and now lives in Canton, Ohio. This book comes from the experiences in his thirty-five years of teaching Sunday School to thirteen and fourteen-year-old adolescents at St. Paul's Catholic Church of North Canton, Ohio. He also practiced orthodontics on mostly adolescents for forty-six years. Bernard raised two generations of children; two of them are in their fifties and two are in their thirties. His wife passed away in 2017. He now lives on a lake and enjoys kayaking, biking, and traveling. After retirement in 2016, he began teaching part-time in the orthodontic departments of both Ohio State University and Seton Hill University. He is also active in the Al-Anon program and a sponsor for Alateen.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 230