Designs For Electronics: Electronics In Motion

By Kenneth Musser
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Designs for Electronics: Electronics in Motion offers new and innovative ways to command and control various electronic devices for theatrical shows by movement of your robots, dancers, and/or actors arms, legs, hands, or feet. Universal applications are easy to design for the experienced electronic experimenter. Command electronic devices with on/off switches for theater shows such as lights, fans, radios, TVs, strobes, RC vehicles, sirens, motors, buzzers, or modules with motion control. This easy-to-use guide offers diagrams and descriptive instructions.

About the Author

A graduate of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, Kenneth Musser also holds a masters degree from Michigan State University. Kenneth currently resides in Pennsylvania, where he devotes much of his time as an author, poet, designer/inventor, and songwriter/lyricist. Designs for Electronics: Electronics in Motion is the authors twentieth published book. He was inspired to write this from his love of electronic invention.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 32