Demand Your Spirit To Rise Up: Thoughts To Make You Think

By Casper Quest
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This little book of inspiring aphorisms will challenge you to evaluate your true feelings and then to get back on track. Author Casper Quest will help you find another level of patiencethe tool that balances the power inside against the forces outside so you can run against the wind no matter how strong it may be. It is then that you can Demand Your Spirit to Rise Up.

About the Author

A native of Virginia, Casper Quest has lived in that state most of his life. A truck driver who has a masters degree in art, he is involved in his local church, YMCA, and runners groups. His widely varied interests include basketball, running 5K races, airbrushing, painting in oils, biking, and writing. "Watching so many people in dead-end jobs, I wanted to challenge anyone to face their fears and doubts," he says. This is his second book; his first was Celebration of Poetry.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 148