Deep South - Deep North

By Lottie B. Scott
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Deep South – Deep North

About the Book

In Deep South – Deep North: A Family’s Journey, Lottie B. Scott tells both the heartbreaking and triumphant tale of her maturation into adulthood against a racially-charged, impoverished, yet fiercely loving backdrop in Longtown, South Carolina.

Scott traces her family history, peppered with familial violence and love alike. She describes her early childhood years of living amidst a sea of brothers, until little sisters finally arrived. Under the cloud of racial discrimination, difficult farm working conditions, and family tensions, Scott describes the unbreakable bonds of love that eventually emerged to forever bind her family members together.

As the passing years turn to decades, and family members move north, Scott reveals how these bonds of love become a transformative power, forever altering the lives of each member of her family.

About the Author

Lottie B. Scott was born and raised on a farm in Longtown, South Carolina. In 1957, she moved to Norwich, Connecticut, where she raised her son and has called Norwich home ever since. She has been involved in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties as a Leader and Advocate for fifty-five years in Norwich and Connecticut. She worked for the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) for twenty-two years. She currently serves as Vice Chair of the City of Norwich Ellis Walter Ruley Committee and on the City of Norwich Sachem Fund and Norwich Disabilities Committees. In 2017, she received the Willard M. McRae Community Diversity Award and a Writer’s Block Ink Humanitarian ACE Award.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 198

Customer Reviews

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Freddie Johnson
Freddie Johnson

Freddie Johnson

What an awesome read!!!

This book should be a movie.

My family of three generations sat around our family room listening to the reading of the book for our native Longtown 86 year old mother and we couldn’t put it down.

The characters jumped off the pages, the stories were written with such passion, they were descriptive, the struggles gripped your heart, the pain made you tear up, other parts of the book brought deep laughter. The book is an easy read, it’s educational and uplifting too. Truly a must read in which you will not be disappointed.

Thanks to the Author Lottie B, Scott - She’s a genius!!!

Alice Cignatta Facente
Alice Facente

Riveting and compelling family memoir, very well written.
Couldn’t put the book down!

Deb Lewis
Great book

I ordered this book on line it took me three weeks to start reading. Once I picked up and started reading I couln't put it down.