Decimal Counting Boards: (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Counting)

By Mitchell E. Freeman
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Decimal Counting Boards

Decimal Counting Boards is about the “why” of basic Arithmetic. This book is interesting in that it eliminates the “mystic” aspects of Numbers. This book is relevant in that the evolution of teaching Numbers has resulted in many misconceptions of the Nature of Numbers and consequently has led to many who do not think they know Numbers that were taught by those who think they know Numbers. The relevance is that every aspect of Human civilization is based on written Numbers.

Readers can take away the realization that the Numbers Humans use are a result of converting an imaginary concept into a tangible reality.

About the Author

Mitchell E. Freeman’s career spanned over 37 years in the Fleet Ballistic Missile Program. In addition to his FBM training, he has an AA and a BS with some Master’s work. He held numerous positions throughout his career that required the practical application of numbers.

Freeman is a Member of MENSA, American Legion, and a Signature Life Member of the Georgia Watercolor Society.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 42