Deception: Seduced By Lies, Saved By Love

By Marleshia Pickett-Mills
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My relationship was perfect, or so I thought, and you would have, too, if you were on the outside looking in because it was wrapped in shiny paper topped with a fancy bow. But when you begin to unwrap the package and peel back the layers, you will be just as shocked as I was when you are faced with the sheer naked truth, the hard fact that the man that I am in love with, and have shared my life and a child with, also (allegedly) loves men! My name is Riley Patterson, and this is my story of how I was knocked down by deception.

Writing Deception: Seduced by Lies, Saved by Love was an extremely emotional experience for author Marleshia Pickett-Mills, as it deals with something so sensitive in nature many people are afraid to talk about. She wants each reader to feel as though they are reading about themselves, like they are there.

About the Author

Marleshia Pickett-Mills was born and raised in Warren, Arkansas, where she graduated high school. She was a member of the Fightin Lumberjack Marching and Concert Bands, in which she played the clarinet and bass clarinet. She was also a member of the flag lineor color guard, as some people may call it. After high school, she attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff briefly, where she studied Criminal Justice. She eventually transferred to the University of Arkansas at Monticello, where she also studied Criminal Justice and was a member of the band. Being a member of the band is where she met her husband.

In 2007 Marleshia became a member of the United States Air Force, where she was an entomologist until she was honorably discharged in 2010. She is a mother of two fantastic children. She is a country woman who loves life and family. She enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, cooking, playing cards, laughing, and spending time with her husband, who is a major support system in her life.

Marleshia is a Christian who is and always will be a work in progress. She loves the Lord and He loves her; she knows that without Him this book would not be possible, and she is both humbled and grateful for the fact that He made her the person to give this book life because it comes at the right time for so many people.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 118