Days Of Infamy

By Joan Hudson
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Author Joan Hudson has found her niche in imaginative literature and poetry. In this volume of poetry, Ms. Hudson explores one of Shakespeares many themes, the nature of love and its ephemeral quality, and the necessity, but instability, of the object of love that is, the beloved. Nostalgic and oftentimes narrative, this author presents some historical events from the hardships of pioneer life to Detroit nostalgia to the September 11th attacks. This volume is sure to captivate and inspire for all who read Days of Infamy.

About the Author

Although born in North Carolina, Joan Hudson has lived in Detroit, Michigan, since she was nineteen years old. Her academic studies have included history, sociology, literature, science and religion. She enjoys listening to classical music, reading, traveling, good food and good conversation.

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Published: 2004
Page Count: 62