By Tonisha Jones
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Born in the projects to an addict mother and a drug-dealing father, Daydre Collins didnt have much of a start in life, but she is able to go off to Berkley College of Music in Boston, where she begins to pour her heart and soul into songwriting. With the help of her friend Monica, Daydre graduates and sets off for a career in New York City, working for K Records. It is here that her dreams really start to come true as she falls in love, writes hit songs, and rises up from her ghetto beginnings to become a successful woman. Even at the top, however, things can change at any second, and Daydre has to stay strong and rely on those around her to survive the challenges life gives her. This urban Cinderella story shows how a driven young woman uses both the good and bad elements of her past to become a Grammy-winning songwriter. Readers may find themselves gripped by Daydres story as it reminds them that Daydreams can become reality. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tonisha Jones holds a masters degree in social work and a bachelor of science degree in human development and family relations, both from the University of Connecticut. She has put both degrees to fruitful use in her position as a social worker for the State of Connecticut, Department of Children and Families. A member of the National Association of Black Social Workers, the Greater Hartford Alliance of Black Social Workers, and Faith Congregational Church, Mrs. Jones is married and currently expecting a baby with her husband, Denwayne. When not writing, she enjoys dance and reading.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 80