Davie's Dress Day (2020)

By T. Lynn McLaurin
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Davie's Dress Day

Tomorrow is Dave’s first day of the school year. Everyone knows how special the outfit chosen for the first day of school will be. Even Davie’s closet has picked up on the excitement. While Davie is unaware, his apparel argues what his choice will be.

Follow along the delightfully illustrated pages as Bobby Backpack, Don the Shades, Jude the Jacket and many more argue the uses and merits of each article of clothing. What will Davie decide?

About the Author

T. Lynn McLaurin currently resides in Delaware. She enjoys spending time with her son, Jackson, who helps to inspire new and vivid tales, such as Davie’s Dress Day. Earlier published works include a collection of spiritual poetry title, Thank You, God.

In addition to writing and spending time with family, T. Lynn McLaurin also enjoys photography and classic movies.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 32