Dave And Lois; Dementia And God

By David Theiss
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About the Book

David and Lois Theiss were married September 28, 1974. They have three children, who were home schooled by Lois until high school. And all are graduated with Honors from College or Ministry school.

Lois was an accomplished artist in pencil, oil and watercolor painting when around 2004 she started losing her ability to hold a pencil or brush steady. She was diagnosed with front-temporal dementia around 2010 and lost all memory of friends, relatives and spouse by 2014. She entered a nursing facility in November of 2017.

The contents of this book are drawings by Lois and Poems and Sonnets by David.

The sonnets are reflections of the feeling encountered by David before and after Lois’ diagnosis, some heroic, some deplorable, but all honest.

My sincere hope is that this volume will bring solace and comfort to those who suffer from this cruel disease personally or as a caregiver or close relative.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 38