Daughters Of Dunn House 1953: Stories Of Fisk Early Entrants

By Hildred Roach and Maryann Rozzell
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Daughters of Dunn House 1953 is a collection of first-person accounts from seven octogenarians who reflect upon overviews of their lives from 1953 to the present, lifelong friendships made at Dunn House dorm, and the exciting careers generated by the opportunity to participate in the Ford Foundation Early Entrant Program at Fisk University without having first finished high school. Stories should appeal to all ages, for topics range from pertinent historical eras, family genealogy, educational and personal experiences from childhood and adult levels, glimpses of undergraduate HBCUs in action versus several graduate institutions, explorations of places from the U.S. and abroad, to differences in character and personal problem solving.

About the Author

Hildred Roach, a retired professor from the University of D.C., earned music degrees from Fisk and Yale universities and did further study at the University of Ghana and the Juilliard School of Music. A pioneer of Black Music studies in the 1960s, she joined Peoples Congregational Church, Alpha Kappa Alpha, and was married to the late Atty. James Stafford. Her special interests are theater, genealogy, politics, comedy, and the promotion of peace and love among human beings.

Co-Editor Maryann Rozzell, after graduating from Fisk University, received Certification in Physical Therapy from the University of Pennsylvania and began her career just at the end of the polio era. She later earned a Master’s degree from George Washington University. Her interest in travel and service led her to volunteer programs in eight countries and to serve locally as an Elections Officer and hospital volunteer. She has been an active member of the local Fisk Alumni Association and since retirement, has delved into the world of genealogy.

This book prints and ships in 7-10 business days

Published: 2023
Page Count: 214