Darkness Of My Eyes

By Nayan Dave
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Darkness of My Eyes is a compassionate love story of a brave patriotic embedded veteran reporter girl, who has acquired this disability due to her injuries in the war. She cannot tolerate this disability and decides to end her life. A military research doctor vows to make her better and the story begins. Story has many twists and turns and sadness and anguishes of a helpless disabled young girl and her father. This story will make you understand what kind of sacrifices our troops make to keep us safe from our enemies and we can never give any consideration to them even in our dreams. This is a very romantic and reality filled story that will captivate you with unsuspecting ending. This compelling story will fill your heart with grace and tenderness for our war heroes and will provide you entertainment as well. We should not take their sacrifices for granted.

This book also emphasizes the helplessness of a blind people and their anguishes. God bless us all and give us strength to deal with whatever disability he gives us.

About the Author

Nayan Dave is a Medical Technologist and has a science educational background. He is planning to write a science fiction novel next. Do not miss that - it’s going to be a big thriller. Thank you for reading this book.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 70