Darkness In Dallas

By Gary Petersen
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The violent rape and murder of one of Dr. Kimberly Chappels friends is just the beginning of the terror she experiences when a serial killer comes to Dallas. Unknown to the lead detective on the case, Detective Kenneth Ramsey, the serial killer is being stalked by a woman with an agenda of her own: killing men who hurt women like her father hurt her when she was a young girl. With two murderers on the loose, Dr. Kimberly Chappel and her friend Tammy Pierce have their hands full trying to protect themselves while helping Detective Ramsey find the killers. When the male serial killer sets his sights on Chappel and Pierce, they race to outwit him in order to survive.

About the Author

Gary Petersen has spent more than thirty years practicing medicine as an internist and cardiologist. This Arizona native is a member of the Texas and Utah medical societies. He spends free time as an American quarter horse breeder.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 194