By Crystal Nix
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Dr. Lauren Howard works the night-shift at Regional Hospital. While she admits it is not the most pleasant place to be, at least she is helping patients her life has meaning. When she is not working, she is plagued by loneliness and darkness that has been with her since she became a vampire more than two hundred years before.

When Lauren find love in her new co-worker Adam, their love is tested by her demon-possessed sire that stalks her. Along the way she must find the courage to both fight for love and accept herself for who she is.

Darkness will entertain readers and give hope to many who struggle to believe in love and happy endings.

About the Author

Crystal Nix began writing poetry when she was a child, which lead to a love of reading and writing stories. She was born and raised in Oklahoma, where she now lives. Nix married at age twenty-one and is the mother of two wonderful children. She loves spending every possible moment with her family and friends.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 170