Dark Times: Book Three, The Triad Trilogy

By Janet L. Cooper
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Dark Times is the third book in the Triad Trilogy. It tells how, after five years of peace, with only a few minor incursions from the Dark Ones, things begin to come to a head. The New King of the Dark Ones, wants his revenge for Louise killing his father. He calls her “The Slayer.”

The five overly gifted children of the Triad Clans and the son of the Cameron Laird, were born knowing they were gifted and how to use their innate powers, unlike some of their parents who had to work at learning and using theirs. They take it upon themselves to do something drastic to increase their parents’ chances of winning over the Dark Ones. Will it be enough?

It has to be. No one will allow the mutated Dark Ones to win, even though difficult choices have to be made and followed through on. Where they started out as immortal Dark Elf vampires, the Dark Ones now have to suck out the souls, and whatever magical essences their victims may possess, to sustain their evil lives along with their blood, leaving only the drained husk of their victims. They are evil creatures.

About the Author

Since her retirement, the author Janet L. Cooper, at one time a graphic artist, now pursues her hobbies of painting and sketching along with her writing. She is now writing her twelfth book and reviewing books four through eleven to edit them and make a change or two here and there. Otherwise, she says, “Nothing else changes around here, except the weather.”

Published: 2020
Page Count: 474