Dark Hearts: Village By The Ocean

By Shanaga Brown
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Dark Hearts

About the Book

In a small fishing village on the west coast of Jamaica, Shanaga Brown shares her experiences as a young girl growing up surrounded by natural beauty and the hard realities of rural Jamaican life. At a young age, Brown becomes closely attached to her autistic sister, June, who, as a result of her differences, was exposed to the harshest treatment Jamaica had to offer. At once raw and unrelenting in its social commentary, Dark Hearts is a true story, an honest and forthcoming rendition of many unspoken truths and Brown’s love for a sister who became the scorn of a village community too dark to understand the angel amongst them.

About the Author

Shanaga Brown is a master personal trainer, master life coach, sports nutritionist, and physiotherapist. Dark Hearts is her first work as an author and represents the silent promise she made to her sister June to tell her story. Brown is the guardian, protector, and sole provider for June’s two autistic daughters, granddaughter, and grandson in Jamaica. She is also the godmother to a young girl with cerebral palsy whom the village has ostracized.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be placed in a trust fund to help care for at-risk children and towards special needs education and awareness in Jamaica.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 254