Daniel: The Boy The Government Wanted To Kill

By William Arcadipane
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The inspiration for Daniel: The Boy the Government Wanted to Kill came from the author reading and seeing many science fiction stories in which an alien is hunted down by the government without any attempt to communicate with the visitor. When a child makes contact, he is pushed aside by the authorities and ignored. In this story Daniel learns to love the alien, and his younger sister Kate records what happens to them as they grow up. We are all aliens to strangers. We can only hope, when we meet, they will not hate us.

About the Author

William Arcadipane has been surrounded by many different cultures, languages, and foods his entire life. New York City is a collection of the world’s cultures, and that is his home. Arcadipane has an AA, a BA, and an MA degree all from the City University of New York, an institution as diverse as the city. He met his wife, Julia, in college. She was born in Cuba. They have one son, Salvador, and he’s a really nice person. With his wife Frances, Salvador has two sons, Massimo and Marco, both beautiful works in progress. Arcadipane’s working life has been among the cultural mix that makes up every aspect of New York. It is his belief that what makes America great is its diversity.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 210