Dangerous Game…The Longest Night: Based On A True Story

By Carlos B. Herrmann
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Dangerous GameThe Longest Night: Based on a True Story

Dangerous GameThe Longest Night: Based on a True Story is Carlos B. Herrmanns autobiographical account of the terrifying and haunting experience he endured twenty years ago. The story has traveled around the world, and Herrmann has personally heard othersunaware of his involvementrecounting it, but it took him years before he was able to finally share his version of the events that occurred that night.

Just out of high school and ready to spend a fun night out with friends, Herrmann was persuaded to engage in a Ouija board-like game that quickly escalated when he and his friends realized the spirit they were communicating with was not only evil but actually the devil. Trapped in the house, Herrmann and his friends had to find a way to break free of the game. Eventually the house itself was exorcised, but it would take many years for Herrmann to recover from the trauma of that night.

About the Author

Carlos B. Herrmann is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. A graduate of Champagnat Catholic School and Trinity College, he currently resides in Florida, where he works as a freelance celebrity chef and luxury yacht chef. Mr. Herrmanns hobbies include dining out, swimming, boating, travel, and film. He is also a published photographer and member of The Florida Writers Association.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 30