Dancing The 2-Step

By Charlene A. Nixon
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Dancing the 2-Step

Youre ready to start your own business. You know you need to market and network, but how? Charlene A. Nixon knows that new businesses fail because of failures in networking. In Dancing the 2-Step To Growing Your Business, she shares her proven tips in a fun and energetic workbook.

Networking is about building and sustaining relationships with others. Its not a competition its a dance! Charlene gives you clear and practical steps on how to find and maintain clients and contact spheres. Theres no jargon and endless lists. Instead, Charlene encourages you to find your own rhythm and match your personality with the people youll be working with.

Dancing the 2-Step is an ideal resource to begin networking and building your business. Bright and bold, with worksheets and encouraging thoughts, this is the next best thing to having Charlene giving you guidance one on one.

About the Author

Charlene A. Nixon, affectionately referred to as the First Lady of Networking among her peers, is a born giver, teacher, and connector. She helped build Manhattan BNI which is the third largest BNI region in the United States. She has first-hand practical knowledge and experience into the hidden elements of networking successfully.

Charlene was born on the island of Trinidad and immigrated to the United States at the ripe old age of 20. She is the mother of three and a grandmother. She holds a degree of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education and uses her hands-on experience, knowledge, and education to compile simple to-dos, taking her passion for teaching-through-sharing on the road in a series of workshops. She shares her proven steps to achieve success through Effective Networking. She wrote Dancing the 2-Step as a peek into her secret notebooks.

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Published: 2017
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