Dancing Deception

By Kathy Peterson
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Dancing Deception is a spiritual depiction of the difficult times the author experienced in pursuing her long-range goals of positive change in our courtrooms. Kathy Peterson describes her emotional, spiritual, and financial struggles and also the lessons she learned about prayer and forgiveness when faced with the lies of deceptive people. She shares her story of prayer and persistence in making Idahos stalking laws stronger. The man who became Kathys stalker entered her life at an L.D.S. Church singles dance. But his dance was one of deception, for behind her back he was entertaining crowds as a strip-dancer, conning money from her and others, and threatening the lives of her family as well as herself and other victims. But Kathy refused to remain a victim. She fought back at her stalker with every legal weapon she could muster, undergoing setbacks and brought at times to actual tears. Today Kathy is truly fulfilled, knowing that she had a major role in strengthening the stalking laws of the state of Idaho. We should forgive all people for wrong actions, Kathy believes, and expect true justice only from Jesus Christ. But we must also make righteous choices and learn not to be a victim of deception. In this manner, tears of sorrow turn into tears of inner joy.

About the Author

Kathy Peterson still lives in the Idaho community where she was born and grew up. She attended undergraduate and graduate classes at Brigham Young University. Kathy received her BA: (Art and Advertising Design) degree and MA: (Art Education) degree from Boise State University. She received a Secondary Art teaching certificate in both Utah and Idaho. Her work Intrinsic Motivation in Art Education, written in partial fulfillment of the requirements of her masters degree, is now a Boise State University library book. Kathy Peterson is an artist working in public relations as well as fundraising. She teaches art classes and frequently donates her artwork to her Church and community. Kathy is particularly interested in writing and illustrating books for children. For relaxation, she enjoys playing the piano, flute, and piccolo.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 138