Dallas & Riley Love Story: The Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own

By D. Livelystone
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D. Livelystone delivers a stunning fairytale-like story about a man from Switzerland who meets his soulmate, Dallas. After Dallas lives years with a broken heart, this beautiful stranger suddenly appears out of nowhere, in the checkout line of a market, asking for directions and holding the line up, while Dallas gets irritated with him. Weeks before she jokingly asked the universe to send her knight in shining armor and said, I don't care if he's from another country,” while on his flight over, Riley knew he would meet someone special.

Read this adventurous, addicting love story, filled with loyalty, love, betrayal, deceit, steamy sex, and romance to discover her next move.

About the Author

D. Livelystone is an up-and-coming writer, actor, and model. Her alluring combination of beauty, wit, fantasy dreamlike detail, humor, intuitiveness, and a very creative imagination makes her an intriguing writer.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 854