Dallas 5466: Limo George

By George Benker
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Because of the amazing experiences I was able to have in the limo business, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the many wonderful times I had and the incredible people I have gotten to know on a personal basis and/or have gotten to meet during those crazy, fun and unusual years!

Come along and enjoy a fun and interesting ride… with Limo George!

About the Author

Life, it is what you make it! Author George Benker isn’t sure whether that is completely true or not.

George Benker was born into a somewhat normal family of a husband, wife, and six children. He was the second child (the oldest son) of the family and he believed his life was interesting compared to the average person even as a child.

After George graduated from high school, he worked at a variety of different jobs which included being a typesetter for a printing company. Later on, he became a photographer. George was a pretty good wedding photographer and then he “graduated” to photographing children! Yes, before Limo George, he was a photographer! Looking back, he thinks he was an awesome photographer… and he had fun doing it!

Along the way George got married and divorced. He had his beautiful children, and he lived life! There was a lot of life that came and went, and George eventually became a home builder! He loved the feeling of building beautiful homes for people that would last for many years. It still thrills his heart to drive by a home that he built so many years ago that are still the prize possession of their owners.

Eventually, when there was a drop in the housing market, George had to decide if he wanted to stay in the home building business or try something different. The “try something different” bug seemed to be the answer!

It was at this point that George Benker talked with a friend of his in the limo business and he agreed to let him try it for a couple of months to see how he liked it…and I guess you could say, “Limo George” was born!

Published: 2020
Page Count: 188

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Limo George

Great stories! Brings back lots of memories.