Daily Mindfulness Journal: Daily Exercises To Find Your Self-Love & Strength

By Jeannette Eniola
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About the Book

Daily Mindfulness Journal is created to be a starter for those who believe they do not have time to journal and teach adding calmness into a daily routine. Practice release of thoughts to improve overall health with yourself and relationships with others.

With morning and afternoon check-ins focused on daily affirmations, this journal is a quick guide to journaling for those who wish to discover the strength inside themselves.

About the Author

Jeannette Eniola started her passion for journaling at the direction of her grandmother at a young age. Currently, Jeannette has completed 26 journals to date. It was through journaling that she was able to understand more about herself and heal from a traumatic event in 2018.

When she is not journaling, Jeannette is a multi-state licensed nurse that continues to journal, read a plethora of books from her favorite authors, inspire those around her with her passion for positivity, mentor those who need some encouragement, and create content on her YouTube channel. She is currently furthering her education to become a licensed therapist and registered nurse.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 162

Customer Reviews

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This self care journal is very effective!
I am one who loves to journal myself so adding this one to my collection has been a reminder to keep checking in with myself as well as to set goals and ponder upon your improvements. All while being the perfect aesthetic for my coffee table


The exercises within this journal are designed to guide individuals towards the exploration of their own self-love and inner strength. I can't tell you guys about how much I needed this journal. On your bad days when you need to remind yourself who you are and on your good days to keep up that positive mindset. This journal is helping me with me lol. Stay Positive *hearts and hugs*


We all know how important “self love” is and this journal helps you find it.

Noelle K.
Inspiring & innovative

I have always wanted to journal but I did not know where to begin. I found this journal & it has helped me continue my self growth journey.

Daily Mindfulness Journal

I have never been one to write my thoughts down on paper. This journal allows me to think about my day. The positive and negative and write them all down. Plan steps towards my goals. I just wish it was smaller so I could take it with me everywhere. Overall a good product