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About the Book

Not many tweens survive the streets, but Crys Servios did. After running away from home at the tender age of 11 to escape her psychologically abusive father, Crys has not only survived—she’s thriving. Now an accomplished and renowned artist, Chrys hides her former life from the media by embracing a pack of exorbitant prevarications. Though the theories they tell hardly compare to the truth of her origins, even the most diligent researchers are unable to ferret out her genuine history . . .

Or so she thought.

When an unclaimed inheritance from her previous life collides with a job opportunity in her old hometown and someone who must know her secret, she finds her life in jeopardy and must protect her secret at all costs. Even if that means separating from the ones she loves.

About the Author

Crys is a new fiction piece from Dr. Marybeth Ames. She has authored non-fiction articles in communication and medical fields. Her love for reading is being indulged by authoring fiction. She is a wife, mother, and an American Speech Hearing Association (ASHA) certified speech-language pathologist.

Living and traveling all over the country creates some exciting settings. Dr. Ames lives in Vail, Colorado, and as a snowbird on Marco Island, Florida. Years of therapy with patients of all ages have provided insight into the pathos of family dynamics and relationships. A doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology provides the medical aspects to her storytelling while a large Irish/

Italian family of pilots, law officers, and avid outdoorsmen provide background, and volunteer memberships in women’s shelters are sources of real-life drama.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 224