Crossroads Along The Path

By David Krohn
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The journey along the path of life is filled with ups, downs, opportunities, and pitfalls. Often these positive and negative events lead to a critical question: How do you deal with them? How you deal with these events can lead to crossroad decisions that will alter your course along the path of life and have a profound effect. With age comes a broad range of experiences and crossroad decisions. Having lived a full and happy life, though not one without its crossroads, the author shares his insight on how to navigate both everyday challenges and life-defining transitions.

About the Author

David Krohn is the Managing Partner of Light Wave Venture LLC, which is focused on developing technology-based business opportunities. In prior and current experience, he has worked as an assembler on a production line, a lab technician, a development engineer, a department manager, and a Chief Executive Officer for two of the companies he founded. He was an officer in the army and served in Viet Nam. He has authored several publications including five books. Four were based on technology and the fifth was on entrepreneurial management. In his current role, he has advised over 130 companies and organizations on developing opportunities. He obtained his BS from Rutgers in 1965, his MS from Case Western Reserve in 1967 and his Ph.D. from Lehigh in 1973.
David Krohn has three children from the first marriage and two stepchildren from the second marriage. He has two grandchildren.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 200