Creating Intimate Moments: Couples Communication: 52 Weekly Dates

By Eliza Cooper
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About the Book

The stress of day-to-day life and the human nature of taking things for granted can sometimes lead to strain in relationships, causing that once glowing flame to threaten to burn out, even between people who have a great connection. Creating Intimate Moments: Couples Communication: 52 Weekly Dates strives to prevent that flame from flickering even just a little bit. Eliza Cooper shows us there are ways we can keep the romance of our lives with our loved ones by taking time to allow our deepest desires, our strongest passions, and our favorite relaxing activities to show through a series of fun and creative weekly dates. The fun starts with the First Date, then continues with treats like How Well Do You Know Each Other? Midnight Delight, and even a Footbath and Massage date. With resonating outside sources and helpful facts about key ingredients like herbs, healthy vitamins, and soothing oils, this book is a date youll make sure you keep! "In Couples Communication Eliza takes on a lively stroll through a myriad of delightful and thoughtful possibilities for restoring and maintaining intimacy in our relationships with our significant others. Reading this book, youll find yourself thinking over and over again "now why didnt I think of that!" Elizas "dates" will be food for the mind, body and spirit of your relationship." -- Esther Davis-Thompson, author of Re-Inventing Your WomanSpace, Awakening to the Wisdom of Your Spirit.

About the Author

Eliza Cooper is a graduate of Catholic University. After graduating from Catholic University, Eliza worked with mentally challenged and emotionally disturbed girls while attending graduate school at the University of the District of Columbia in Communication Sciences. Elizas experiences and upbringing led her to found Elizas Healthful Hints for Natural Living in order to promote general good health and wellbeing through workshops and lectures. Elizas interest in natural health began at a young age as a tradition handed down from her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Motivating communities to prevent illness and live whole, well-productive lives is her goal. Her Wheel of Wellness workshops and lectures form the foundation of Elizas Healthful Hints, which she began in 1998.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 64