Cowboy Poems, Spooky Stuff, And Such

By Joseph Christopher Partin
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Cowboy Poems, Spooky Stuff, and Such by Joseph Christopher Partin is a slim volume of prose and poetry guaranteed to entertainit may even elicit a few guffaws from the reader. From ballads of stagecoaches, burros, and saloons (where Jesus played piano) to fractured Texas tales (where the likes of Ebenezer Scrooge become Jebediah Hooch), the author serves up true Texas-style ballads with an uncommon flair.

About the Author

Joseph Christopher Partin is a woodworker, a steam locomotive and model railroad enthusiast, an amateur astronomer, and a lifelong resident of Texas. Born in Houston into a close-knit family of seven brothers and sisters, he has lived in Brenham for the past thirty years. An avid hunter, he is also a pilot.

About his book, the author says, it is a combined collection of works based on personal experience, childhood memories, and my own take on some traditional stories/songs. I hope I will be forgiven for that last category....

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 54