Covered In Blue

By M. Pink
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Jackie is torn between two lives, the one her parents have planned for her and her secret life as a member of a gang, the Hoods. When her parents find out about her double life, Jackie’s two worlds collide, and she must choose which path to take. Between fights with their rival gang, the Heat; skipping school; the worsening of her mother’s illness; and conflict within their own group, everything begins to crash around her. With the help of her gang, her family, Jackie will learn where she truly belongs.

A coming-of-age story, Covered in Blue is a look into the world of social status, growing up, grief, beginnings, and ends.

About the Author

M. Pink grew up in Texas and currently resides in Oklahoma. She has an incredible family which includes her twin sister, older brother, and dad, the first person to introduce her to her love of cars, and mom, who always taught her if you want something changed, you have to do it yourself. During her free time, Pink enjoys talking with friends and listening to music. Her love of writing began at a young age, and the art of storytelling has always been a close friend to her. Covered in Blue is her first novel.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 312