By Mark S. Harris
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This inspirational story is about an old football coach being called out of retirement to coach a girls’ basketball team. This diverse group of girls tries to come together as a team to try to win a state title. Can an old football coach and a diverse group of young girls form a bond strong enough to win a state title? Or will their differences be too much for them to overcome? This novel is about working together toward a common goal. It is also about the role that leadership plays in bringing people together.

About the Author

Mark S. Harris currently resides in Texas, where he is a sixth generation Texan from Kaufman County. He coached in Texas for over thirty years for football, girls’ basketball, and boys’ basketball. He is also a retired United States History teacher. His story’s main character Cotton is based on a number of coaches that he has encountered in his real life.

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I loved it! For anyone that grew up in Kaufman, it's especially nostalgic as you'll be constantly reminded of people and places from the glory days. If you're not from Kaufman, you're bound to love this sweet story of a group of people who come "together" to fight for a common goal and learn so much about loving one another in the process.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 244