Corky Guys, A Father And Son Adventure: Inspiring A Call To Arms For A New Level Of Human Development For Both Kids And Parents

By Marcus Well
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Are you OK with what you see and hear daily in the news? Do horrific happenings only occur in places distant enough that you and I feel safe? What kind of upbringing has led to human development responsible for such events? And if not horrific happenings, how about all the bickering, back biting, hatred, and strife that permeate our societies? Is this what we want for our kids? Does anyone embrace and subscribe to respect and understanding of ownership enough to ensure the next generation is so rooted? What do we do? What can we do?

Parenting is an awesome challenge and responsibility, but it offers much needed hope for our civilization! Corky Guys, A Father and Son Adventure Inspiring a Call to Arms for a New Level of Human Development for Both Kids and Parents is chartered to do much more than to entertain; it’s chartered to impact world civilization and societies for the better, as it becomes standard equipment for every parenting household.

By its structure, this book gets children and parents together, reading their respective chapters but both reading the kids' chapters together, discussing, and adopting the best policy resolution for those kids and their parents as well. It is Marcus Well’s hope that this short little book will be heavy on impact, with some important threads mentioned and re-mentioned throughout. By writing in a poetic style predominantly in the kids' chapters, Well hopes kids will process and remember better a step at a time; that also affords natural breakpoints for your two-way discussion followed by easy resuming. Well hopes readers of all ages will get a few smiles and chuckles as they read and reread.

About the Author

Marcus Well’s writing skills have been honed through years of information technology as an application developer writing functional specifications to technical audiences. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and has always had a passion for the humanities and for writing poetry. Marcus also has a love for the great outdoors, and so does his MVP son, Teddy.

Well’s charter hopes to impact society and civilization for the better by bringing human development to a higher level via parenting with standards and values of respect. Marcus is analytical by nature, people oriented, and always has had the ability to write. When he went back to college to complete his degree, he worked in the Academic Assistance Center as a writing tutor; before that, he worked for a composition instructor grading papers under a basic level rubric.

Marcus Well has a vision and a quest to alter the common nature of mankind into the nurture of love through the interaction of parenting each new generation. His contention is that an appreciation of ownership, courtesy, respect, forgiveness, and love can be taught from parent to child and into a culture, a culture that parallels what Jesus taught us. And this vision, quest, and contention are the bases upon which his book, Corky Guys, was inspired.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 166