Cooking From Within: Telepathically Received Recipes From The Holy Order Of Yodh

By Guru Madeleine
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About the Book

Cooking from Within: Telepathically Received Recipes from The Holy Order of Yodh is a collection of dishes that reflect the teachings and discipline shared by Guru Madeleine with her students. As a means of developing self-controlfirst in the body and then in the minddairy, red meat, alcohol, and drugs, including caffeine, are eliminated. The diet instead focuses on dark, leafy vegetables and soy products.

Telepathy is the ability to hear Divine Mind speaking on an intimate level, and it is achieved through practice and the cultivation of a healthier body and mind working in harmony. Cooking from Within: Telepathically Received Recipes from The Holy Order of Yodh is offered as a testament to the richness and joy of such a life.

About the Author

Guru Madeleine is a member of The Holy Order of Yodh, a brotherhood of awakened masters and world servers who are charged with bringing forth a new spiritual order, raising the level of consciousness in man from fear to love. As such, her own little will has been extinguished and she moves only from that Divine Voice, God-Consciousness, also known as the seventh sense or telepathy.

As an educator for God, Guru has brought through a one-of-a-kind programSane Enlightened Life Force (S.E.L.F.)that demonstrates unequivocally the existence of God and the importance of God at the center of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual evolution.

Through her energies and the energies of The Holy Order of Yodh, telepathy was activated in her students as well, which has permitted them to also develop this intimate relationship between the little self and the Higher Self, and to share in a community of love for one another and for God. It is through her energies that these recipes have been given, as well as so many other gifts, providing each with the evidence of Gods existence and mans capacity to know that everything he needs is within him.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 138