Cookie Love

By Chico
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Cookie Love: The Cookie Love Chronicles

About the Book

In this collection of short stories, set in different time periods and genres, all feature the elegant and gorgeous Cookie Love. No matter where, no matter what, you will fall under her spell – and you won’t want to escape!

In the mythical Kingdom of Fantasia, Cookie Love is under a dangerous curse that can only be broken with true love’s kiss. In South Carolina in the 1990s, she is a young woman preparing to compete in a music competition. In the future, she is an ancient goddess, frozen until she is needed to save her people. In space, she is a warrior, rescuing a kidnapped princess and fighting the Dark Lord Vega. In each story, Cookie Love realizes her destiny as the Goddess of Love, saving and inspiring people, and always destined to be with her handsome hero, Mark Eric.

Filled with action, magic, adventure, and passion, these stories feature powerful women saving the day and being rewarded true love.

About the Author

Chico was born in Hollywood, South Carolina, and graduated from Baptist Hill High School. He was on the football and track team. He enjoys watching wrestling, playing video games and basketball, and writes comic books and poetry.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 318