Contrasts In Grey

By A. R. Rourke
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Nestled in the Indian Ocean lies The Disciples, twelve small islands home to Disciples Enterprises' sugar mills and their Managers. These men are constantly vying for position in the hierarchy of the company, and their wives and affairs, in turn, complicate the men's lives. When Hurricane Amy hits the islands, the company and its Managers must rebuild life on the island.

Two Managers, Mr. Mason and Mr. Lauder, are married to sisters and thus are irrevocably connected. How will each of these men fare? Will Lauder's stupidity during the hurricane and his overshadowing by Mr. Carr, sent to determine how well Lauder does his job, affect the outcome of the island? Will Mason, torn between his growing love for Joan, his affair, and his growing distaste for his wife, Grace, be able to push personal strife aside to reclaim his island from the grasp of the hurricane?

About the Author

A. R. Rourke, born in 1900 in Australia, joined the Colonial Sugar Refining Company, first as an industrial chemist and then as a manager of the sugar mills and finally as the General Manager of the C.S.R. Company in Fiji. Retired in 1961, Rourke wrote this novel in 1966 before passing away in 1973. This book is inspired by his personal experiences with his own work with the C.S.R. Company.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 356