Consider The Rose: A Twenty-First Century Collection Of Inspirational Poetry

By Todd D. Stokes
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This poignant collection of inspirational poetry is coupled with the author Todd Stokess touchingly funny childhood memories to create an eclectic vignette of faith, humor, and solace. Stokess eloquent poems express his complete and subliminal connection to Christianity. The subtle craft of his wording complements the ease with which he elaborates on death, the afterlife, and surrendering control to God. These poems are juxtaposed by his collection of personal anecdotes, in which he recounts his mischievous exploits as a child. His stories, which range from nighttime walks in the cemetery to an intriguing carnival sideshow gone horribly awry, will have you engrossed with his tales up until their hilarious and shocking conclusions. This book offers a complex and enlightening look at the experiences, passions, and beliefs that are the driving force in one mans life and offer comfort and inspiration to the lives of others.

About the Author

Todd D. Stokes is a native of Columbus, Ohio, and has lived in the community for over forty years. He and his wife, Velma are members of Vision of Faith Ministries, Inc. In his free time, Todd enjoys reading and writing short stories and plays. He enjoys reading short stories to children, especially Jack and the Beanstalk which he uses to teach young children reading skills. He hopes the readers of this book will find solace in his words and allow Gods will to guide them through their lives.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 50