Connections In The Raw

By Kevin A. Knight
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After reading a book about barefoot running, Kevin A Knight began barefoot running as a way to reduce pain in his hip and back. Not only did the pain go away, but he gained wonderful insights while he ran. In Connections in the Raw, Kevin chronicles stories and insights from years of barefoot running. Kevin shares his perspective that deep connections exist in our lives between us and the Creator, other people, and with nature, and that we all have access to wisdom that is rewarded to all who will listen.

Readers interested in running and barefoot running will be enlightened, but even non-running readers will be moved by his reflections on the challenges and delights of feeling his feet on pavement. Knight hopes readers will come away with a new understanding of the wonders of creation and be inspired to listen for what it might tell them. He also hopes it encourages readers to get out and run - with or without shoes on.

About the Author

Kevin A Knight fits the definition of a Renaissance man. He found his own company and serves as an independent marketing research consultant to many leading global corporations. He is passionate about education reform, specifically in underserved communities. He has sat on the boards of various schools and spends most Friday mornings reading to third- and fourth-graders at a school near his home in Norwalk, Connecticut. He believes nothing keeps one grounded like visiting schools and interacting with young people. He has been a vegetarian for over three decades and loves running (of course), reading, martial arts, sports, and the theater. He is active in his church and facilitates a Bible study group and teaches Sunday school.

Kevin is married to his wonderful, giving wife who is a marriage and family therapist, and they have three adult children, who occasionally go for a run with him—wearing shoes.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 68