Connecting The Dots: Deliberate Observations And Leadership Musings About Everyday Life

By Sean Heritage
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Dots signify two things. First, they represent the milestones, large and small, happy and sad, we enjoy throughout the journey of life. They additionally symbolize disparate pieces of data that by themselves mean far less than they do in the aggregate.

This book is all about celebrating the lessons of life, enjoying the journey, and making sense of things along the way. Our quality of life and the value we deliver have everything to do with our ability to deliberately connect the dots.

This book is a collection of observations applied to leadership, inspiration, communication, and, on occasion, parenting.

About the Author

Sean Heritage is a proud husband and father who wrote most of this book while serving as a Cryptologic Warfare Officer in the United States Navy.

During Career 1.0 in the U.S. Navy, Sean focused his energy on developing teammates, building creative cultures, and strengthening partnerships between the public and private sectors. From leading the Navy’s cyber defense operations to supporting leaders at the highest levels of the Department of Defense (DoD) and helping create the DoD’s Innovation Unit in Silicon Valley, Heritage has made a career of transforming individuals into teams, connecting ideas to opportunities, and ensuring smart creatives reach their potential in a bureaucratic world where they wouldn’t otherwise thrive.

Embarking on Career 2.0, he continues to do much of the same, all the while helping others connect the dots as a leader, team-builder, talent magnet, mind stretcher, and multiplier. His desire to help others realize their potential is grounded in the interest others continue to take in helping him to realize his.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 318