Confessions Of An American Male

By Brian Dickens Barrabee
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Confessions of an American Male is about one man’s recognition of the absurdities that happen in every man’s existence. Some of these stories are fact, some embellished, some astronomically embellished, but all are based on truth. The author takes great delight in sharing these tales of his life and hope the readers will be delighted as well.

About the Author

Appearing to have the need to chronicle life’s absurdities, Brian Dickens Barrabee has written a previous book, Confessions of a Real Estate Man. This latest book, Confessions of an American Male, he hopes will become required text for college anthropology students. Brian is similar to all men who have four children, six grandchildren, two divorces, and is currently in a committed relationship.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 286