Confessions Of A Public School Teacher: A 35-Year Veteran's Assessment On How Public Education Can Make The Grade

By Michael Marra
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A veteran teacher of 35 years, Michael Marra believes deeply in education’s power to change lives. His enthusiasm for helping children realize their full potential lies at the core of his lessons. His efforts to make history and economics classes relevant to students’ lives, both inside and outside the classroom, permeate his lively teaching style.

Marra’s philosophy on how best to improve our public schools does not sit well with teacher unions. He believes strongly that tenure, seniority and near-endless due process protect poor performing teachers and need swift, meaningful revision. On this, Marra is unwavering, and he presents refreshing suggestions for unlocking what he believes have become the greatest shackles on American schools. Readers will be well informed to make their own assessment on these critical issues.

Part memoir, part argument and part how-to guide for aspiring educators, Confessions of a Public School Teacher is a must-read for anyone who believes true learning and development to be worthwhile pursuits. Marra’s quest to leave the classroom a bit better than he found it is both his greatest support of those we cherish dearly—our children—and an invitation for the reader to join the conversation.

About the Author

Michael Marra teaches AP United States History and Economics at Portsmouth High School in Rhode Island. His career began in a tentative fashion after he earned a BA at Colby College in US History and a MA in History at Providence College. He thought he would teach for perhaps five years and then decide whether to continue for a few more or move on to something else. Instead, he found his calling. His passion for teaching and desire to make the material come alive for students is at the heart of what he does each day. He lives in Barrington, Rhode Island with his wife Maria. They have three adult children, Matt, Kate and Andy.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 108

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Kerrie Escobar
Public School Teacher

Mr. Marra has written a fantastic assessment on how we can work towards improving public school education.
He is truly a fabulous teacher and I'm glad that so many students have had the opportunity to learn from the best.