Complicated Minds: (Including Mine)

By Dianne Haaland
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There is a saying: If you know one Alzheimer’s case, you know only one Alzheimer’s case. Each experience with Alzheimer’s, for both the patient and their caregiver, is filled with unique struggles and complications, though one thing is always certain: Dealing with Alzheimer’s is never easy. In this memoir, Dianne Haaland recalls her ordeal as a wife and caregiver of someone whose mental state was in swift decline, chronicling the nightmares that came with it regarding for-profit care facilities, unethical lawyers, greedy children, and constant medical scares.

About the Author

Dianne Haaland is a former English and business teacher in South Dakota and Colorado high schools. She received an MBA from Colorado State University and spent fourteen years as a financial analyst with a Fortune 500 company. Both her husband and she earned several real estate certifications.

In an effort to give her children and families some peace of mind, Dianne is looking forward to moving to an independent living facility for herself and her husband, where she will continue to write, read, exercise, and enjoy visits from friends and family.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 158