Competence And Conflict In The Corps And The Corp

By Hugh Doss
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About the Book

The title, Competence and Conflict in the Corps and the Corp, says it all. Author Hugh Doss’ life

experiences are unusual because he’s always tried to make decisions in the best interest of the Marine Corps or the various companies he’s worked for, as well as the men working for him. Doss tells his story of becoming a better leader in both the Marine Corps and various corporations. Doss outlines the ways in which tireless efforts are both resented by bad leaders and appreciated beyond measure by strong leaders.

About the Author

Hugh Doss is an active Baptist Church Member, and has served as Sunday school director, teacher, chairman of the finance committee, and church moderator. Doss has been married for 57 years and has one son and two daughters.

Doss has been a very successful salesman and sales manager. He started numerous businesses and invested in startups with mixed, but mostly favorable, outcomes.

Doss served as a Marine Corps Infantry Officer that was in the first large force before leaving the United States in May of 1965 to go to Vietnam, and participated in the first large battle in August of 1965 called Starlite. Politically, Doss is a Goldwater conservative.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 304