Command: The Miracle Of Rebirth

By Uwa Offiah
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Uwa Offiah, growing up in Africa, had big dreams of becoming a successful businessman and making millions!

But God had a different calling for him. "Go and preach my message to the world!"

For twenty-seven years, Offiah did everything to avoid God's command…until Covid 19 came.

He could not hide behind his business anymore. Sunday April 17th, 2020, God's Command came again, "Get a pen, a paper and start writing!" After finally accepting God's order, we see the end result, Command: The Miracle of Rebirth.

About the Author

Uwa Offiah is a Howard University Graduate. After being in the business world, his new major objective is to start preaching God's message to the world.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 98