Coming Out Black

By W. Edward Morton
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A young African American goes through the realization of discovering himself while admitting the world of the gay life is not as alien as he was raised to believe. His journey takes him through sexual awareness and resulting desire. In many ways, he is fortunate enough to connect with a more monogamous relationship, which protects him from the life of promiscuity many newbies fall into with resulting negative outcomes such as disease, violence, and since we’re looking at the period of time that Carter comes to accept his proclivities, even incarceration.

He comes to find a more exclusive group of friends who help him accept himself and his new lifestyle. He finds satisfaction as he travels through this new world, but there are also many sorrows he experiences along the way.

About the Author

Author W. Edward Morton had been “Jack of All Trades” throughout his lifetime. He attended West Philadelphia High School and then went on to Temple University. He worked for many years as a purchasing agent with a break in time to open his own retail shops in Society Hill, Philadelphia. After his shops closed, he went back to purchasing, becoming a purchasing manager in private industry. In another ten years, he decided to take up real estate sales and management. He then discovered his real satisfaction in selling real estate and did fairly well. Currently, Morton is now semi-retired and living in the woods in New Jersey.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32