Come The Judgement Day

By D.M. Walton MS, MSHLS, MSL
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About the Book

Bo Henderson starts what should be an ordinary Monday shift only to discover he’s been tapped to train a fresh recruit. A 25-year veteran of the police force in D.C, he likes training recruits fresh out of the academy and seeing what they’ve learned. But he’s rarely their first-round trainer. But this time, none of it felt right. What was is with this new recruit? Bo’s lieutenant tells him he’s been specifically requested to train this recruit. That’s more than a little unsettling. In order for that to fly, that request had to made by someone very high up. But who? He tried to fly under the radar of important people, except the Secret Service of course, but no one in the Service would make that request, or would they? What is it with this new recruit? She knows stuff. Personal stuff about Bo. One minute, she’s coming onto him. The next, she’s showing up at his place—off shift. And then she wants to have a private conversation with him. Well, that’s definitely against all of the rules. Just how far is she going to push this? And how soon until Bo takes it to his boss to get her reassigned?

About the Author

D.M. Walton MS, MSHLS, MSL holds three master’s degrees: criminology, homeland security, and leadership, plus a graduate certification in emergency and disaster management. He is retired from administration and teaching at the university level, with numerous years of experience in law enforcement, security, and business before earning his first master’s degree at age 45.

Walton currently holds a secret security clearance from the U.S. Department of Defense and works in the protection of critical infrastructure for a national security provider. Born, raised, and living in Indiana with his family, this is his first published book.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 186