Combat Veterans Rights To The U.S Department Of Veterans’ Affairs, Benefits, Medical Services, Compensation, Appeals, Etc.

By Al Durboraw
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Combat Veterans Rights to the U.S Department Of Veterans Affairs, Benefits, Medical Services, Compensation, Appeals, Etc.

Al Durboraw saw heavy action as a marine in the Pacific theater of World War II, receiving severe life-threatening injuries at the Battle of Tarawa. But an even longer battle began after he was discharged.

For decades Durboraw has fought with the recalcitrant U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for medical benefits guaranteed by law. He even worked for the department, gaining insider knowledge of its machinations. In this new expos, Durboraw rages against the system whose mission is to help American combat veterans but whose actions do just the opposite. Part whistle-blower, part crusader, and part memoirist, Durboraw tells his own gut-wrenching story and those of other aggrieved veterans. But he always lays out the legal weapons that all veterans can use to regain their hard-won rights.

About the Author

A longtime resident of the Lone Star State, Purple Star recipient Al Durboraw currently lives in Burelson, Texas. After a lengthy postwar career in the loan industry, real estate, and residential construction, Durboraw spends most of his days writing to politicians, friends, and relatives, plus the DVAMs and Ros, but he loves tennis, fishing at Port Mansfield, arts and crafts, and promulgating plants when hes not helping American combat veterans.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 88