Collection Of Thoughts: Volume 1

By Wilbert E. August II
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About the Book

This collection of poetry and short stories covers a wide variety of emotions that humans experience, the obstacles and miracles we all face. The message behind the story is that no one is alone when it comes to facing these emotions; we all have them, and these stories convey some stories that most people had to deal with (for example, loss of a loved one). Collection of Thoughts evokes strong emotions and memories that make readers reflect on life.

About the Author

Wilbert E. August II is a recent graduate from the University of Oklahoma majoring in Economics and minoring in English writing and Japanese. He is a classically trained pianist practicing this art for about 18 years. Other hobbies of his include cooking, writing, and reading Edgar Allen Poe. When it comes to writing, it is a way for August to express emotions that are hard for him to speak into words; through writing, August wishes to evoke the same emotions in his readers.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 72