Collection Of Poetry (By Stacy Sabio)

By Stacy Sabio
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About the Book

Poetry can expose the deepest desires of the soul. In this collection of verse, Stacy Sabio reveals her dream for a more harmonious world. Through themes of love and friendship, Sabio gently reminds us of our duty to treat our fellow human beings with kindness, respect, and dignity. These uplifting poems, such as Our Enthusiasm Inspires Others and Try to Be a Jack of All Talents, encourage us to do our best in life. Other selections, such as Reassurance and Take Some Home, offer solace when the weight of the world becomes too much to bear. Let Stacy Sabios poetry envelop you like a warm blanket as you discover the power of these gentle words.

About the Author

Author Stacy Sabio was a supervising instructor to third- and fourth-year college students in the Philippines, founded by the American Educators, the Thomasites in 1902, where she also graduated. She has been able to minister to children and adults in various teaching settings including experienced teachers. She taught social studies, science, observation classes, lesson planning, discipline, folk dances, songs, good manners, and right conducts, and English as a Second Language. She served with the U.S. Peace Corps teachers and taught modern mathematics for fifteen years in the Philippines. Ms. Sabio says no other one could possibly love us more than God, the Holy Spirit, and that we all need to give, share, care, love, understand, and heed His Apostleship in respect, obedience, honesty, and consideration to others.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 56