Collection Of Poetry (By Penny L. Thompson)

By Penny L. Thompson
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Collection of Poetry

Emotions can create all wonderful feelings and produce the warmest and most appreciated surroundings, yet they can also make one feel the most miserable times of his or her life. There are different emotions that trigger a persons sense of belongingness, security, or death, and it is just about bringing up the most vital details.

In Collection of Poetry, Penny L. Thompson shares various poems illustrating ones anguish, loneliness, and love, as well as a panorama of different concepts such as nature and death.

There is always a darker side to love, though we might ignore or even deny it. Life is not always full of happiness and jolly times. There are also the gloomy days and dreamy nights. Collection of Poetry will let you experience all of these.

About the Author

Born in N.E. Oklahoma and presently living in North Carolina, Penny L. Thompson and her husband have three children, a grandson and have another grandson on the way. She is working towards her associate degree in Applied Science and spends her leisure time reading and traveling.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 32