Collecting All My Puzzle Pieces

By Pressley
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Life is like a jigsaw puzzle, Pressley says. But where are the pieces? How do we put together these scattered dreams? So many people today have the questions. But where are the answers? In this little gem of inspiration, Pressley tells us how to find them. It will take patience, the author tells us, and we must let God direct our feet on the path. But the answers are there. The problem (the puzzle) and its answers are important enough that Pressley presents them twice: first as prose and then as a poem. The text is accompanied by line drawings that add an extra dimension.

About the Author

Pressley is the pen name of Sharon Jones, who was born in the state of New Jersey and lives there today, working in a local hospital as a human service assistant. She has raised three children, to whom, along with Jesus Christ and her pastor, she has dedicated this book. Sharon Jones is interested in writing (of course!), in drawing, and in childrens ministry.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 24