Coffee, Chaos, And Cuss Words

By Kevin Dirmann
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A disabled combat veteran in a world where we all experience or have felt alone, misunderstood… or as if they are alone in their thoughts and feelings…

This is a collection of the real life experiences and the perspectives on the complexity of life through the eyes of Kevin Dirmann as well as others.

Encompassing difficult and traumatic events including: the stories of war as a former Army interrogator, the struggles of PTSD, depression, childhood trauma, rape and rape survival. Know you are not alone in your experiences, struggles, and trauma. There is an entire community just like yourself for support and kinship.

Our stories may differ, but we all experience and struggle the same. Additionally, Kevin Dirmann strives for the family, friends, and loved ones to gain a deeper understanding or kinship of trauma, struggle, and hardships so many experience. Most importantly, to start conversations increasing understanding between one another. With understanding comes empathy, support, and healing.

Our world becomes bigger, we gain empathy and understanding for those we don’t know. This is an opportunity of personal growth and understanding within ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 148